Millennials redefining the workplaces

The energy of Millennials and Gen Z cannot be confined within the cubicles. They want to break free and breathe in an environment that is conducive and inspiring. Indian start-up boom and digitization of Indian industries is redefining the workplace trends. Right from working style, ethics, skill set to workplace design; everything is changing, for better.

According to the Deloitte Millennial Survey, 78% of Millennials agreed that they get influenced by innovative companies and it is one of the major criteria to choose the company. No wonder today’s tech giants are investing heavily into new innovative workspaces. The functional workspaces are now a recruitment and employee engagement tool. Furthermore, as per 2017 study from IPSOS, 76% of millennials that belong to the age group of of 18 and 34 feel that office design and aesthetics somewhat or strongly influence their impression of a company. So, if you want to attract and retain the futuristic talent pool, you need to keep up with the pace to stay relevant and win in the talent war.

Take the cue and get inspired

Steve Jobs taught us one simple yet significant thing- “Design Matters”. This simple concept can make you a game changer. The envelope of workplace designs has been pushed further, and it’s time we take cue from the best in the world and get inspired to do more. Here is your dose of inspiration:

Facebook moved to a whopping 430,000 square foot “garden-roofed fantasyland” office.

Apple has plans for a new Cupertino campus which will look like an amazing giant alien spacecraft.

Google will have a new mountain view headquarter that will have miles of super-transparent glass. The interior workspace will be highly customizable and futuristic and can be reshaped by robots and cranes as per the needs.

These are the tech-giants who were already famous for their innovative workplace, but they still knew that’s not enough. So, they keep pushing their boundaries and keep winning.

Tips to Millennial-Proof Your Office

There is always a room for improvement, so whether you are looking to upgrade your workspace to woo millennials or are looking for inspiration to create a brand-new workstation for younger workforce, here are tips that will guide you through a millennial-proof office.

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