Job Hopping- Do’s and Don’t for Oil and Gas Professionals

This is an exciting time for energy professionals who are looking for a job in oil and gas industry. With numerous exploration projects lining up, the demand for skilled professionals are expected to rise by 43% by 2035 as per the International Energy Agency. Furthermore, the trend of employing temporary and contractual staff on a regular, ongoing basis will continue to grow by 24% which is 1% higher than the previous year as per the 2018-19 Hays Salary Guide. In 2018-19, the prices and number of LNG project is expected to rise which will revive the oil and gas sector.

The profiles which will be in-demand, include:

  • Skilled Operator Maintainers are in demand to carry out operation, production and maintenance activities on various production plants.
  • In exploration, Geologists, Company Representatives, Drillers, and rig crews are in higher demand.
  • In the downstream segment, Cost and Planning Engineers are in demand.
  • Gas Insertion Workers are required for an active residential construction market
  • In line maintenance and engineering services, demand exists for Engineering Service Managers, Technicians and Mechanical Fitters.
  • Engineers from various discipline are required; Mechanical, Electrical and Control Systems Engineers, Pipeline engineers, and Project engineers.

Looking at the studies and demand profiles, it is evident that there is an immense scope in the industry and if you are looking for a job change, this could be an ideal time. However, it is important to understand the pros and cons associated with switching jobs to make an informed decision.

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