Hypnotherapy for Depression

The Use of Hypnotherapy for Depression

Did you know that nearly 9.5% Americans suffer from depression? That accounts for 18.8 million people. Depression is a serious illness that needs to be checked in time and treated well. Depression has no particular age of onset and can affect anyone. It is a mood disorder and has varying symptoms that manifest in different ways in different people. One of the most common symptoms and hallmark of depression is lack of interest in what is going on around the person, and a general feeling of “sadness.”

Depression is usually treated with mild to strong medication, depending upon the severity of the symptoms and the extent of the illness. However, in recent times using hypnotherapy for depression treatment is a good choice since it treats the person as a whole. Therapy of any kind always helps more since it addresses the person and not just the symptoms.
Hypnotherapy for Depression Treatment: How is it better?

Hypnotherapy opens the doorway to a person’s sub-conscious. The key to understanding and treating depression lies in helping the individual regain his self worth. Psychiatric medication only treats the physiological symptoms of depression the root cause of an individual’s depression is not addressed through medication. Using hypnotherapy for depression treatment is a way to address the cause of the depression by accessing the subconscious. Hypnotherapists say that depression leads to a state of negative self hypnosis where the individual is convinced of all things negative, and the aim of the therapy is to remove these feelings.

• Move Towards a Positive Direction: Hypnotherapy for depression helps the patient move in a positive direction through post hypnotic suggestions. Hypnosis helps a patient to learn psychological coping skills.

• Positive Way Out of the Predicament: Hypnotic suggestion is given to the person to believe that it is possible to change the negative self suggestion and to reduce feelings of guilt and self blame. Hypnotherapy helps the person to make positive choices again.

• Countering and Refuting Negative Thoughts: Depression is a thought process that leads an individual to believe everything is hopeless and results in a pessimistic outlook. Hypnotherapy for depression makes the patient rehearse coping skills that become embedded in the sub conscious. This helps the patient to deal with situations that can be perceived as negative or depressing.

• Self Hypnosis: In the use of hypnotherapy for depression treatment the patient is also taught self hypnosis, to achieve a sense of inner calm. Deep relaxation helps on focus the energy without wasting it on negativity. The sense of comfort achieved through self hypnosis helps the patient recognize that he/she can be comfortable with themselves as well.

Hypnotherapy for depression focuses mainly on removing the negative beliefs of a person. Depression can make a person believe the worse is always going to happen. Medication often only results in numbing the feelings of the person but doesn’t actually do anything constructive in removing the self doubt of the patient. Through the use of hypnotherapy for depression the clinician aims at removing the negativity.

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